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Find the latest dairy prices on your dashboard, where the Vesper Price Index (VPI) and Global Commodity Prices widgets live. The Vesper Price Index, our independent, reliable price benchmark, covers a wide range of categories, including Cheese, Commodities, Ingredients, Liquids and Milk Components. It includes 70+ prices for Western and Eastern Europe, Oceania, USA and Latin America. The VPI is published every Wednesday.

Forecast prices with accuracy

Use Vesper’s commodity forecasting page to challenge prices and reduce costs. Our predictions are based on all the data that Vesper collects from different sources, including dairy related and non-dairy related data. Vesper generates forecasts using state of the art techniques, including mathematical models and deep learning models.

Calculate milk prices and valorization with ease

Our calculations let you calculate the theoretical milk price based on different commodities to understand which product will give you the highest return. Our valorization calculation gives you insight into how excess milk may be processed by larger producers, giving you earlier insights into products coming to market. Easily compare prices and adjust inputs for all calculations.

Keep up to date with the industry’s latest trends

Vesper collates valuable data enabling you to stay up to date on the latest dairy trends. Whether you are interested in stock levels, prices, production, weather, valorisation or other dairy industry trends, Vesper has it all. Our data is a result of careful market research in collaboration with respected industry players.

Carefully curated news from the Dairy industry

Our news section features articles published by our partners from the Dairy Industry Newsletter. Get the latest on the international dairy industry from the world’s leading dairy publication. The Dairy Industry Newsletter has been publishing dairy prices news since 1989 and covers news in four key areas; world, Europe, UK and markets.

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