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plant-based protein vs. whey
Megan Hidden
Discover how advancements in plant-based proteins compare to whey in terms of quality, effectiveness, and sustainability....
LeftField and Vesper Partnership Announcement
Ashley Kooter
Benefit from comprehensive weekly insights on global crop markets, including spring wheat, durum, barley, corn, oats, and rye, directly on...
Vesper adds caseinate prices to their pricing benchmark: boosting transparency in sports nutrition sourcing
Megan Hidden
Announcing the addition of two new products to the Vesper Price Index (VPI): Caseinate, Calcium Food, and Caseinate, Sodium Food....
Partnership announcement vesper sugar online
Megan Hidden
Vesper announces a strategic partnership with Sugaronline, the preeminent independent global platform for the sugar and ethanol markets....
Ashley Kooter

Amsterdam, 8 May 2024 – Vesper, a leading global commodity intelligence platform, is excited to announce the appointment of Brendon...

Demystifying Biofuels for Beginners
Ines Wilkes
Dive into the world of sustainable energy, as we uncover the environmental and economic benefits of biofuels, from biodiesel to...
oil world partnership vesper
Ashley Kooter
Read more about the strategic partnership between Vesper and OIL WORLD, the global leader in market analyses since 1958....
US dairy market trends
Megan Hidden
Discover the latest US Dairy Market Trends in production, pricing, and international trade dynamics for 2024....
Vesper Partners logo alongside Stable's logo, representing integration for enhanced risk management with an independent price benchmark.
Ashley Kooter
Our partnership with Stable integrates Vesper's Pricing Index (VPI) into option contracts, revolutionizing supply chain risk management. Stay tuned as...
FMCG Procurement Managers (1)
Megan Hidden
Discover essential tips for FMCG Procurement Managers to maintain a vast and diverse supplier network in our latest guide....
El Niño vegetable oil
Megan Hidden

Our September outlook report mentioned that El Niño weather conditions would continue into 2024, potentially intensifying and concluding in spring....

Palm Oil Plantation. Tree pattern.
Ashley Kooter
Discover 2024 predictions for the palm oil market in Indonesia and Malaysia, focusing on sustainability, production, and exports....
Image showcasing Vesper's partnership with Keelvar, two company logos side by side.
Ashley Kooter
Explore Vesper's partnership with Keelvar, transforming global procurement with innovative software for savings and operational enhancements....

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