We are delighted to announce our partnership with OIL WORLD, a global leader in independent market analyses and forecasts since 1958. OIL WORLD’s expertise in delivering comprehensive insights into oilseeds, vegetable and animal oils & fats, and oilmeals is unparalleled. Explore more at OIL WORLD.

OIL WORLD’s weekly forecasting service is trusted by businesses in approximately 100 countries worldwide. With over 65 years of experience and a unique world database, their reports offer up-to-date analyses of the current market situation, supply and demand dynamics, price outlooks, and fundamental projections for individual countries. 

Vesper users will now have access to OIL WORLD’s weekly reports, delivered every Friday. Benefit from insights into production prospects, stock and trade flow changes, as well as the latest consumption trends. 

“We are excited to partner with Vesper, providing their users with our industry-leading market analyses and forecasts,” says Thomas Mielke, Executive Director of OIL WORLD. “Together, we aim to empower businesses with the information they need to navigate the complex landscape of oilseeds and related commodities.”

This collaboration signifies Vesper’s commitment to enhancing our users’ experience by providing access to comprehensive market intelligence from trusted sources. With OIL WORLD’s insights seamlessly integrated into our platform, users can make informed decisions with confidence, staying ahead of market trends and driving business growth.

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