[Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 12 January 2024] – Vesper, renowned for pioneering dairy commodity intelligence, is taking a major step forward by expanding into a wide range of agricultural commodities. This strategic leap highlights Vesper’s evolution to meet the diverse demands of commodity players worldwide.

Fueled by its remarkable success in delivering in-depth insights within Dairy, Sugar, and Oils & Fats, Vesper’s expansion now spans 13 new categories, integrating an extensive range of global pricing data. Building upon its established four-year legacy in dairy intelligence, Vesper proudly introduces its expanded coverage, encompassing grains, meats and fish, fruits and vegetables, packaging and many more.

“This expansion marks a pivotal moment for Vesper,” stated Alexander Sterk, Founder and CEO of Vesper. “This strategic move makes it possible to help our customers with relevant data and insights across all commodity categories. Vesper brings value to all market participants, with a special focus on FMCG companies.”

At Vesper, the mission is clear: “we connect commodity players with independent intelligence to create smarter trade”. The integration of comprehensive insights mirrors Vesper’s commitment to empower a wide spectrum of market players, including, aside from its FMCG clients, also the entirety of food and beverage producing companies. These valuable insights serve as catalysts for improving decision-making, achieving better prices, and navigating market fluctuations.

“Our commitment at Vesper extends far beyond the mere provision of data,” affirmed Sterk with determination. “We’re here to provide valuable insights that cut through complexity, drive impactful growth, and encourage sustainable practices. We’re dedicated to catalysing informed decisions that redefine success within the ever-evolving market landscape.”

Vesper’s broader coverage reflects its commitment to transforming how we approach agricultural commodity trade. It signals a new phase where Vesper provides comprehensive and valuable data across all agricultural commodities, making informed decision-making more accessible and insightful.

About Vesper:

Vesper is a leading commodity intelligence platform that transforms complex data into actionable insights for buyers, sellers, and traders. Offering real-time information on pricing, production, import, export and more, Vesper helps users save time, enhance negotiation capabilities, and make informed decisions. Notable for its proprietary Vesper Price Index and AI forecasts, Vesper now serves over 2,000 users globally across diverse agricultural industries.

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