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palm oil update
Gehrman Kosenkov

Stay informed with the latest in the palm oil market. Explore the impact of increased freight rates and enhanced production...

Buensol case study
Megan Hidden

Vesper's Intelligence helps BuenSol improve its margins by justifying the premium prices of its offerings.

Ashley Kooter

Amsterdam, 8 May 2024 – Vesper, a leading global commodity intelligence platform, is excited to announce the appointment of Brendon...

Explore the latest trends in sunflower oil prices
Gehrman Kosenkov

In a significant market shift, the Vesper West EU Forward Price Index for Crude Sunflower Oil as of May 7,...

Biodiesels and feedstock up, EU biofuel processing margins still tight
Gehrman Kosenkov

Biodiesel prices have firmed since last week, but so have UCO and rapeseed oil while LSGO weakened (see Figure 1),...

Week 18: Global Veg Oils Highlights
Gehrman Kosenkov

The palm oil industry is currently facing a downward trend in prices due to recovering production levels in Malaysia and...

Biodiesel Market Update
Gehrman Kosenkov

Biodiesel market update: EU biodiesel prices drop amidst increasing Argentine SME imports, while feedstock price remain stable.

Sunflower Seed Stocks
Gehrman Kosenkov

Sunflower seed stocks are decreasing seasonally. As of March, ending stocks in Ukraine were at 4.5 million metric tons (mmt),...

Demystifying Biofuels for Beginners
Ines Wilkes

Dive into the world of sustainable energy, as we uncover the environmental and economic benefits of biofuels, from biodiesel to...

oil world partnership vesper
Ashley Kooter

Read more about the strategic partnership between Vesper and OIL WORLD, the global leader in market analyses since 1958.

crude oil biodiesel prices fall
Gehrman Kosenkov

Understand the impact of high crude oil supplies, gasoil market shifts, and feedstock price declines on biodiesel markets.

Vesper Partners logo alongside Stable's logo, representing integration for enhanced risk management with an independent price benchmark.
Ashley Kooter

Our partnership with Stable integrates Vesper's Pricing Index (VPI) into option contracts, revolutionizing supply chain risk management. Stay tuned as...

Germany allows HVO100 and B10 sales at gas stations, driving ARA biodiesels up
Gehrman Kosenkov

Discover how RME, UCOME, FAME 0, and HVO (UCO) prices have soared in response to policy changes and market dynamics.

El Niño vegetable oil
Megan Hidden

Our September outlook report mentioned that El Niño weather conditions would continue into 2024, potentially intensifying and concluding in spring....

Palm Oil Plantation. Tree pattern.
Ashley Kooter

Discover 2024 predictions for the palm oil market in Indonesia and Malaysia, focusing on sustainability, production, and exports.

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