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Discover our partnership programs:

Data & Content Program

Elevate your brand and offerings by partnering with Vesper. Join us in revolutionizing the agri industry by providing valuable data and content to our extensive user base. Together, we can amplify the value of our platform and your offerings, driving mutual growth and success. Let's create compelling synergies and deliver exceptional value to our shared audience.

Integration Program

Collaborate with leading software solution providers in procurement to explore mutually beneficial integration opportunities. By integrating Vesper data into third-party platforms, we enhance procurement workflows and empower users with richer insights, driving greater value for all stakeholders.

Reseller Program

Partner with Vesper to resell third-party content and expand your portfolio and revenue streams. Offer our comprehensive insights to your clients and unlock new growth opportunities together. Additionally, integrate your content with Vesper’s commodity intelligence for greater market visibility and enriched user experiences. Let's collaborate to maximize impact and value for both our audiences.

Financial Markets Program

Leverage Vesper Price Indices (VPI) as robust benchmarks for creating derivative products such as options, swaps, and futures. Partnering with Vesper provides access to reliable, market-driven benchmarks that enhance your risk management offerings and attract sophisticated clients. Collaborate with us to tap into our extensive data and industry expertise, driving innovation and confidence in your financial products. Let's work together to unlock new opportunities and maximize the value of your derivative strategies.