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With commodities transforming on a global scale, the need for real- time market data is in demand. Sure, a volatile market might keep the industry interesting. But it doesn’t have to keep you guessing. With Vesper, it’s not your job to analyse every market move across the globe, it’s ours.

We operate in 85+ countries

2000+ buyers, sellers, and traders trust Vesper

3000+ data series on our platform

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Our mission

We connect commodity players with independent intelligence to make smarter trades.

Our vision

Empowering people to make a positive impact by redefining commodity intelligence.

Vespers milestones & highlights

October 2019

Launch of Vesper platform

May 2020

Reached +1000 users worldwide

February 2021

Launch of the mobile app

October 2021

5 million euros raised in seed round led by Slimmer AI

December 2021

Launch of new commodity:
Oils and Fats

September 2022

Launch of new commodity:

Our values

We Lead. We Learn. We Empower.

Our culture

Young and energetic, we thrive to make the best experience for all our users.

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A trustworthy price overview
made from proprietary data

Gain pricing clarity and informed decision-making with Vesper Price Index (VPI). Exclusively created by Vesper, this independent benchmark reflects insights from buyers, sellers, and traders, delivering instant and reliable market prices for various commodities.

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