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Fruit products we cover

Discover a comprehensive range of global fruit prices. Explore our fruit products below.

Berry products we cover

Product overview:


Strawberries are celebrated for their bright red colour, juicy consistency, and distinct sweet-tart taste. Although popular in both fresh and processed forms, their short shelf life demands swift distribution. We cover prices from the USA, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Europe, and Chile.


Cranberries are known for their deep red hue and uniquely tart flavour. Widely consumed as juices, dried snacks, and sauces. Cranbereries often have have a longer shelf life due to being dried or processed.


Blueberries are a small and vibrant fruit, boasting a sweet, slightly tart taste. Popular fresh or as ingredients in processed products. 


Raspberries are characterised by their rich red hue and delicate structure, offering a unique balance of sweetness and tartness. Widely consumed fresh or incorporated in processed goods.


Blackberries are deep-purple fruits bursting with intense flavour and packed with nutrients. These berries are a mix of sweet and tart, making them a favourite for jams, desserts, and fresh consumption. 


Boysenberries, a fusion of raspberry, loganberry, and blackberry, present a deep maroon hue accompanied by a sweet yet tart flavour profile. Boysenberries stand out for their versatility, making them perfect for fresh consumption, jams, juices, or decadent desserts. 


Loganberries are a hybrid of blackberries and raspberries, recognised for their dark red colour and tangy taste. They’re valued for their versatile use in both fresh consumption and as an ingredient in products like preserves and drinks.


Gooseberries are known for their vibrant green hue and distinctive tartness. Widely used in both fresh consumption and culinary preparations, their unique flavour profile makes them a preferred choice for jams, pies, and beverages. 

Citrus products we cover

Product overview:


Oranges are round citrus fruits known for their juicy texture and tangy flavour. Widely consumed, they used in various culinary applications, from juices to desserts. We cover prices from the USA, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Europe, Brazil, and Chile.


Mandarins are a citrus fruit known for their bright orange colour, sweet taste, and easy-to-peel skin. Often used for snacking, adding to salads, or creating delectable desserts. We cover prices for Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Europe, and Chile.


Lemons are a versatile citrus fruit known for their vibrant yellow hue and tart, zesty flavour. Lemons have a wide array of uses, including but not limited to food production, beverage creation, and in household and personal care products. We cover prices for the USA, Greece, Italy, Spain, Europe, and Chile.


Limes are a citrus fruit, with a green colour and sharp taste. Limes have become indispensable in cuisines and beverages servig as an ingredient in dishes, beverages and in household and beauty products. 


Grapefruits are large, round citrus fruits with a distinctly tangy and slightly bitter flavour. Ranging in colour from pale yellow to deep red, grapefruits are often consumed fresh, juiced, or used as an ingredient in dishes. 


Tangelos are a citrus hybrid, resulting from the cross between tangerines and grapefruits or pomelos. Often used for snacking due to their sweet-tart flavour, easy-to-peel skin and seedless flesh.


Tangerines, are a small citrus known for their sweet, zesty flavour and orange hue. With a thin, easy-to-peel skin and juicy segments inside, they are often used as a snack.


Clementines are a small seedless citrus fruit. Known for their sweet and tangy flavour, they possess a thin, easy-to-peel skin making them widely used as  as a snacking citrus. We cover prices from Greece, Italy, Spain, and Europe.


Satsumas are a variety of seedless mandarins, with a sweet, delicate flavour and soft, thin skin. Easily distinguishable by their loose, almost baggy peel, they offer effortless segmenting, making them an ideal choice for on-the-go snacking. We cover prices for Spain, and Europe.

(Sub) Tropical products we cover

Product overview:


Kiwis are a distinctive, oval-shaped fruit with a fuzzy brown exterior and green flesh with tiny black seeds. Kiwis are known for their unique tangy-sweet flavour and creamy texture. We source prices from the USA, France, Italy, Portugal, Europe, and Chile.


Tamarinds are tropical, pod-like fruits with a sweet and sour flavour. With a brown, brittle shells and a pulpy flesh Tamarinds are most often used culinary dishes.

Cashew Apples

Cashew apples are the vibrant yellow to red fleshy peduncle attached to the cashew nut. They have a sweet yet slightly astringent flavour often used to make beverages, jams and in other culinary dishes.


Jackfruit is a tropical fruit with a spiky green exterior and golden flesh inside. Known for its sweet and fruity aroma, its taste is a blend of pineapple, mango, and banana. Versatile in nature, jackfruit can be eaten raw, cooked, or even used as a meat substitute. 


Lychees are small, round fruits with a rough, reddish rind encasing the juicy flesh. With a fragrant aroma and a sweet taste reminiscent of grapes and roses, Lychees are often prepared fresh or in culinary applications. 

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a round, purple or yellow fruit with a unique, aromatic scent. Encased within its tough rind is a jelly-like pulp dotted with black seeds. With a tangy and sweet flavour, passion fruit is often used in beverages, desserts, and sauces. 

Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)

Pitaya, commonly known as Dragon fruit, has a vivid pink or yellow outer skin and speckled flesh ranging from white to deep magenta. With its sweet, mildly tangy flavour and creamy texture, Pitaya is often featured in smoothies, salads, and desserts.


Pineapples are tropical fruits known for their spiky, crown-topped appearance and vibrant yellow, juicy flesh. They are a refreshing treat on their own and a versatile ingredient in culinary dishes. 


Guavas are tropical fruits with a green or yellow exterior and a varying flesh colour from white to deep pink. With a sweet and slightly tart flavour, they are often enjoyed fresh or transformed into juices, jams, and desserts.


Mangoes are juicy, tropical fruit with a vibrant yellow-orange flesh concealed within a smooth or textured skin. With a sweet and fragrant aroma, their flavour is a blend of sweetness with subtle tart undertones. Mangoes are not consumed fresh but also popular in desserts, salads, and beverages. 


Mangosteens are tropical delicacies known for their rich purple exterior and lusciously sweet and tangy white flesh. Often consumed fresh, in juices or used in deserts.


Papayas have a smooth, amber to orange skin with soft, orange flesh and a central cluster of black seeds. Papayas are known for their sweet and musky flavour, are commonly enjoyed fresh, blended into smoothies, or added to salads and desserts. 


Bananas are elongated, creamy fruits with a distinct yellow peel that reveals a soft, sweet flesh when peeled. Widely consumed due to their convenience and consistent flavour, their versatility sees them used in everything from breakfast cereals to baked goods and desserts. We cover prices from the USA, Brazil, and Spain.


Avocados are creamy, pear-shaped fruits with a thick green skin and soft, buttery flesh. With their rich, nutty flavour, they are widely used in salads, spreads, and the popular guacamole. We cover prices from the USA, Chile, and Spain.

Stone fruit products we cover

Product overview:


Apricots are small, golden-orange fruits with a velvety skin and tender flesh. Known for their sweet and slightly tart flavour, they are are enjoyed both fresh and dried and frequently feature in jams, desserts, and baked goods. We cover prices for France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and Europe.


Cherries are small, round fruits ranging in colour from deep red to yellow, often with a characteristic shine. Cherries are popularly consumed fresh, used in desserts, or transformed into jams and juices. We cover prices for the USA, France, Bulgaria, Czechia, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Europe, and Chile.


Peaches are juicy, fragrant fruits with a velvety, blush-hued skin and tender golden flesh. Peaches are commonly consumed fresh, baked into desserts, or canned. We cover prices for the USA, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Europe, and Chile.


Nectarines are a smooth-skinned fruits with a vibrant hue and succulent flesh. Juicy, sweet, and slightly tart, nectarines are enjoyed fresh, grilled, or baked. We cover prices for the USA, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Europe, and Chile.


Plums are small, round fruits with a deep colour spectrum from red to purple, encasing a juicy, sweet-to-tart flesh. Plums are consumed fresh, transformed into jams, or baked. We cover prices for the USA, Bulgaria, France, Romania, Spain, Europe, and Chile.


Sloes are small, dark purple, almost black berries with a sharp, tart flavour. Part of the blackthorn busthey are typically not consumed raw due to their astringent nature, more commonly used in preserves, syrups, or alcoholic infusions.

Pome and Melon products we cover

Product overview:


Apples are crisp, round fruits with a spectrum of colours from green to red. With a blend of sweetness and tartness, apples are enjoyed fresh, juiced, baked, or in sauces and preserves. We cover prices for the USA, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Czechia, Hungary, Romania, Europe, Brazil, and Chile.


Pears are elegant, bell-shaped fruits ranging from green to golden yellow in colour known for their juicy and buttery texture. Pears are commonly savoured fresh, poached, baked, or in salads and desserts. We cover prices for the USA, Greece, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Europe, and Chile.


Watermelon is a large, juicy fruit with a thick green rind and vibrant red or yellow flesh dotted with black seeds. Known for its refreshing sweetness, watermelon is popularly consumed fresh in slices, salads, or blended into cooling beverages. We cover prices for the USA, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Europe, Brazil, and Chile.


Melon refers to a group of hydrating, fleshy fruits enclosed in a thick rind, with varieties ranging from the sweet honeydew to cantaloupe. Characterised by their juicy interiors and varying sweetness levels, melons are commonly consumed fresh, in fruit salads, or as a base in drinks. We cover prices for the USA, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Europe, Brazil, and Chile.

Dried fruit products we cover

Dried fruit product overview:


Dates are sweet, chewy fruits often with a glossy exterior, harvested from the date palm tree. Characterised by their rich caramel-like flavour, dates are commonly consumed on their own, added to dishes for natural sweetness, or used in confectionery and baked goods.


Raisins are dried grapes, characterised by their dark, wrinkled appearance and natural sweetness. With a chewy texture and a concentrated sugary flavour, they serve as both a snack and ingredient. Raisins are commonly added to cereals, baked goods, salads, and both sweet and savoury dishes.


Prunes are dried plums, known for their deep purple hue and sweet, chewy texture. Often consumed as a snack, prunes are frequently used in cooking and baking. 


Dried figs offer a dense, chewy texture with intensified flavour. Their distinct taste make dried figs a favoured choice for desserts, cereals, and traditional dishes.

Other fruit products we cover

Product overview:


Olives are small, oval-shaped fruits harvested from the olive tree, known for their distinctively bitter raw taste and wide range of colours from green to deep purple. Primarily processed for olive oil, the cured and brined variants are popular as both a snack and a culinary ingredient.


Grapes are small, round fruits, often with a translucent hue ranging from green to deep purple. Grapes are not only consumed fresh but are also the main ingredient for wine production, raisins, and various culinary delights. We cover prices for the USA, Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Portugal, Europe, Brazil, and Chile.

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