Timm is an international sales and marketing leader who has been connecting brands, products, and services through technology for more than a decade. He has served multinational brands such as EA SPORTS, LG ELECTRONICS, LG MOBILE, and XL ENERGY in various international sales and marketing roles.

His lifelong passion for CPG products ultimately led to the founding of the BuenSol Group, which provides a carefully chosen range of healthy snacks and beverages. These products not only taste delicious but also promote well-being.

Among their offerings is BuenSol: a high-quality sunflower oil. “Our clients, ranging from retailers to wholesalers and intermediary agents appreciate the reliability and quality assurance we offer, especially considering the challenges in sourcing products from regions like Ukraine and globally.” Timm shares, “By adhering to strict quality standards and ensuring transparent supply chains, we’ve built trust among our clientele.”

A Three-Step Journey to Credibility

Timm credits Vesper with playing a pivotal role in BuenSol’s strategic planning and operational excellence and uses Vesper for a combination of reasons:

  1. Aggregating Critical Insights: “Vesper stands out as an indispensable aggregator of news and market data, providing us with a holistic view of global events and commodity trends,” Timm notes. “It collects news, updates, analyses, and market information from various sources. It’s like a one-stop hub where I can stay informed about what’s happening in the world. It functions as a comprehensive news source, similar to how I might visit a sports or news website in the morning.”

    He underscores the importance of understanding the full spectrum of the sunflower oil market, from crude to refined sunflower oil, to articulate the value chain comprehensively to clients. “This insight allows us to negotiate with an edge, potentially securing premium prices by illustrating the added value we offer.”

    Timm illustrates this with an example. “Consider the scenario where a buyer is looking at the price of refined sunflower oil. It’s crucial to clarify the fact that this oil isn’t ready for the supermarket shelves without undergoing bottling, labeling, and transportation,” Timm highlights. This distinction allows BuenSol to navigate conversations with a strategic edge, potentially commanding a higher price, for refined oil, by showcasing the comprehensive logistical journey and added values provided by BSG from Ukraine to the end consumer.

    In the discussions with buyers, Timm uses Vesper’s price comparison widget (refer to Figure 1) to clarify our pricing. This widget provides a detailed comparison of the costs for crude sunflower oil and packaging.

    Figure 1: Price Comparison Tool

    Timm further emphasizes the simplicity and efficiency BuenSol offers to its clients through seamless transactions. “With our approach, clients are afforded a service level agreement that guarantees next-day product delivery from our warehouse, avoiding any customs or tariff concerns. Moreover, they benefit from a streamlined financial process with a European invoice that’s exempt from VAT. This transparency and ease significantly enhance our value proposition to clients.”

  2. Business Intelligence Tool: Timm Brocks highlights how crucial Vesper’s business intelligence and analytics are in negotiations with major retail chains. “Vesper’s data and historical trends give me solid ground during discussions,” he says. By incorporating this data into his presentations, Timm enhances his arguments and establishes credibility.

    “I’ve presented Vesper’s insights to many, and its accuracy is always well-received. It boosts confidence in our negotiations, especially with knowledgeable buyers,” he mentions. Timm often starts discussions with Vesper’s market outlook, which shows price drivers and market conditions, whether it’s bearish, normal, stable, or strong, see Figure 2. “This gives buyers a clear picture of the market, making our conversations more effective.”

    Price Drivers Ukraine Sunflower Oil
    Figure 2: Price Drivers Section

  3. Content Creation: Lastly, Timm Brocks emphasizes the significant role of Vesper in his content creation, particularly on LinkedIn. “The platform is a goldmine of insights and analyses, which I use to enrich my posts,” he says. This approach not only boosts his visibility as an industry expert but also draws in potential clients by showcasing his knowledge and reliability. “By sharing posts filled with Vesper’s insights and data, I’ve positioned myself as a key voice in the sunflower industry,” Timm adds.

Overall, Timm credits Vesper for enhancing his expertise and visibility through news aggregation, business intelligence, and content creation support, all of which are pivotal to his success in the industry.

Effortless Integration

Timm Brocks praises Vesper for its seamless integration into his daily operations, emphasizing the platform’s ease of use. “Vesper stands out for its user-friendly interface, allowing quick and intuitive navigation without the need for extensive onboarding,” he states. For Timm, the effectiveness of a software platform lies in its usability, and by this measure, Vesper shines brightly.

With his background in software, where critical evaluation of user experience design and functionality is second nature, Timm finds Vesper’s performance exceptional. “The platform’s UX design and overall functionality meet the highest standards. Moreover, features like the download function simplify my work, such as when I need to export graphs, enhancing my productivity.”

Timm’s appreciation for Vesper’s straightforward design and efficient features underscores the platform’s value in supporting his business activities without the hassle of a steep learning curve.