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Get real-time market data with Vesper. We cover pricing for over 15+ agricultural commodities, and pull information from 300+ sources, giving you access to the latest trends in Import & Export, Supply & Demand, Production, Consumption, Weather, and more.

No matter where you are – at your desk or on the go – Vesper delivers valuable insights to your team anytime, anywhere.

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Refine your buying strategy with precision as timing is key. Stay updated on the latest market movements using our powerful tools like Highlights and Vesper Price Index to gain a competitive edge.

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Create custom market reports effortlessly with intuitive graphs and dashboards. Access essential data to craft competitive pricing strategies and gain the edge in negotiations with our tools.

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Access essential data anywhere, anytime. Our user-friendly platform works on all devices, allowing efficient information absorption from one centralised hub. Stay well-informed on the move.

Most appreciated advantages

All your commodity intelligence in one single workspace

Discover the ease of our user-friendly platform. Enjoy 24/7 access and check out some of our top features right here.

A trustworthy price overview
made from proprietary data

Gain pricing clarity and informed decision-making with Vesper Price Index (VPI). Exclusively created by Vesper, this independent benchmark reflects insights from buyers, sellers, and traders, delivering instant and reliable market prices for various commodities.

Custom workspaces: organise data your way

Access your user-friendly dashboard that serves as your personal information hub. Personalise your dashboard with custom workspaces to enhance focus on your work and receive timely data notifications, ensuring you stay ahead of the game.

Unleash the predictive power of Vesper: let us do the math for you

Simplify decision-making with Vesper's Calculations: pre-set formulas and updated production costs on our user-friendly page help you determine ROI and understand pricing models, predicting market dynamics with confidence.

Manage risks with real time futures

Navigate stock exchanges with ease and confidence. Vesper provides a simplified and digestible view of each stock exchange, empowering you to mitigate losses and protect against adverse market movements on our futures page.

Let the tech take the guess work out of forecasting

Vesper's Outlook page includes 100% computer-generated price, production, and stock forecasts and an easy-to-grasp overview of the market drivers. Supported by data and the insights of our expert data analysts, quickly grasp the key factors impacting commodity prices.

Deep dive into the latest local and global market trends

Uncover insights with weekly market Highlights. Our in-house analysts connect with industry players, analyse data, and provide unbiased commentary on market trends, connecting data points, market drivers, and sentiments for a comprehensive understanding.

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