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butter prices valorization
Jasper Endlich
Learn how tight supplies, lower production, and high demand are influencing prices in the EU, US, and New Zealand....
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Gehrman Kosenkov
Despite a recent decline, biodiesel values remain elevated, influenced by the Israel-Hamas conflict and OPEC+'s production decisions....
sugarcane milling brazil
Gabrielle Del'Arco
Discover how dry weather has accelerated sugarcane milling in Central-South Brazil, boosting sugar production and impacting global markets....
rapeseed prices
Gehrman Kosenkov
Discover how adverse weather conditions in key regions are driving up rapeseed and canola prices. Explore the latest price increases...
milk prices liquids cream
Jasper Endlich
Discover the latest trends in the European dairy market. Declining milk production and more buyers influencing butter, SMP, and WMP...
Gabrielle Del'Arco
Discover the latest trends in the raw sugar market, which saw a 4.6% decrease, now trading at 18.6 cents per...

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