The sugar market is experiencing a price increase due to concerns that CS Brazil’s 24/25 sugar output could fall short because of early drought symptoms. On 02/07/2024, Crystal Sugar (BR, Partner Price, FOB Brazil) rose to 554 USD/mt, Refined Sugar (BR, Partner Price, FOB Brazil) increased to 588 USD/mt, and Raw Sugar (BR, Partner Price, FOB Santos) went up to 453 USD/mt ($20.56/lb), as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Price comparison between crystal, refined, and raw sugar for Brazil, according to our partner prices in EUR/mt

The latest UNICA report highlights struggling Total Recoverable Sugar (TRS) levels and the need to harvest younger canes, raising quality concerns despite a higher level of cane crushing compared to last year. For the first half of June, UNICA reported a cane crush of 48.99 MMT, up 20.48% year-on-year (YoY), with a TRS rate of 134.5 kg/tonne of cane (TC), down 0.6% YoY, and a sugar mix of 49.7%, an increase of 0.85 percentage points (pp) YoY. Sugar production was 3.12 MMT, up 21.9% YoY, while ethanol production reached 2.24 million cubic metres (Mcbm), up 18.1% YoY.

In addition to the issues in Brazil, India’s agricultural agency has reported the spread of red rot fungus in Uttar Pradesh, a key sugar-growing region. Below-normal monsoon rains in some parts of India have also raised concerns about reduced sugar output. The Indian Meteorological Department has noted a significant rainfall deficit, affecting production.

Despite these challenges, India’s outlook for 24/25 appears stable, with production projected at 31.7 MMT, driven by a shift towards a 20% ethanol blend in gasoline. Favorable La Niña conditions and normal monsoon rains are expected to support sugarcane growth. Meanwhile, domestic consumption remains steady at 29-30 MMT, and India is not expected to relax sugar export restrictions until at least October, with the decision depending on the progress of sugarcane planting for the upcoming season.

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