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The Dairy Cafe

A bi-weekly market update hosted by Jasper Endlich, Market Intelligence Analyst for Dairy. Delve into our latest findings and discover unique industry insights.

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"Big compliments for the Dairy Cafe webinar. The hosts are always very interesting, knowledgeable and cover a great breadth of material."
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Ashley Davis
Head of Commodity Risk Management
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Oils and Fats Market Updates

Join Gehrman Kosenkov, Veg Oils and Biodiesel Analyst, as he dives into the latest news for Palm, Coconut, Sunflower, Rapeseed Oil and more. Expect to hear about:

💵 Pricing dynamics
📈 Import and export trends
📦 Stock levels
🌎 Global competitiveness
📊 Supply and demand

"Excellent webinar! Quick and very well done."

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