Get a real-time view of commodity futures

Vesper gives you a simplified representation of commodity stock exchanges like EEX, NZX, CME, ICE, SGX and more.


Data updates done every
24 hours


Less time wasted with
collecting data


Accurate forecasting by AI and
machine learning

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Real-time futures from every major stock exchange

Prices matter but they change fast. Don’t miss a minute, or a cent, with a real-time view of the different stock exchanges.

Different regions same currency

Stay informed, faster. Get the simplified overview of each stock exchange in the currency of your choice. The futures market has never been so easy to understand.

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Your Gateway to Comprehensive Commodity Intelligence

Immediate Access: Real-time prices and historical data for Dairy, Oils & Fats, and Sugar.

Future-Proof Decisions: Utilise our proprietary benchmarks and forecasts.

Stay Updated: Curated commodity news, explained by Vesper’s experts.

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