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Dairy farming in 2024 and the impact on global dairy markets

Webinar Dairy Farming

In this Dairy Cafe, Philipp Goetz, Head of Sales and Business Development at IFCN, explores the impact of farming practices on the global dairy market. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to get insights into:

  • The interplay between farm-gate milk prices, milk prices and production
  • A break-down of farmer cost prices and expected trends
  • The evolution of farm income in recent years
  • The influence of a farm’s financial health on milk production

With more than 130 dairy related companies that cooperate with IFCN, the IFCN helps to better understand the dairy world by providing globally comparable dairy economic data and even forecasts since 2000.

The uniqueness of IFCN lies in its typical farm approach, which involves gathering and comparing data from over 176 dairy farms across more than 50 countries. This method allows for a comprehensive understanding of how to achieve a competitive advantage by pinpointing the most significant cost drivers and analyzing feeding systems worldwide.

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