The Sugar Buyer's Guide

To help you get ready for the 2023 sugar campaign season, we’ve pinpointed four significant challenges sugar buyers are facing and provided tips on how to overcome them with the help of Vesper.

Boost negotiation

Save costs

Improve timing

Get ready for the 2023 sugar campaign season with this guide

Sugar buyers may find it difficult to source sugar at a fair price due to the lack of transparency in the market, the influence of major producers on pricing, import quotas, and constantly changing regulations in place.

Our guide helps you answer questions like: 

  • What is the current benchmark price of sugar in a specific country or region?
  • Why have sugar prices been increasing/decreasing lately?
  • What factors affect sugar prices?
  • What is the forecast for sugar prices in the near future?
  • How do weather patterns or natural disasters affect sugar prices?

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