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Discover actionable insights in real-time with our Commodity Markets intelligence platform, tailored to meet the critical needs of diverse industries. Whether you’re in Agriculture, Food Processing, or FMCG, our platform provides you with invaluable data on commodities ranging from grains and dairy to fuel. Leverage today’s prices, historical trends, and market forecasts to make data-driven decisions that optimise your operations

Experience the Vesper Price Index (VPI), a unique pricing benchmark with proprietary data, along with simplified Futures, a personalized Dashboard, AI-driven Outlook, integrated Calculations, unbiased market analyses, and on-the-go access with our Vesper App.

Our pricing model is designed to suit your requirements, whether you’re a single or multi-commodity user. Pay only for what you need, including access to downloadable data, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

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Navigate the complex world of commodity markets with global real-time data, historical analysis, futures and forecasts. Our platform caters to diverse industries, offering actionable insights for data-driven decision-making. Stay ahead of the competition with precise, industry-specific information at your fingertips.




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“Accurate information and price transparency will push the commodity market in the right direction”

Solarec Geoffrey Paulus, Sales Director


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Don’t just follow market trends—anticipate them. Our unique Price Index is not just another benchmark; it’s your strategic asset. By gathering price inputs from all sides of the market to publish representative prices, our VPI enables precise performance measurement against the current market. With additional data for market context, you can act on upcoming market movements before they become conventional wisdom. Seize the opportunity to gain a competitive edge through your commodity intelligence.

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Commodity Prices

Leverage Real-Time Commodity Prices

Access up-to-the-minute commodity prices seamlessly through our expansive platform, which covers an array of over 16 key commodities and more than 1,900 distinct products. Alongside our own proprietary data, we draw from trusted partner sources and public quotations to provide you with a robust set of 4,000+ price series, serving as key pricing data to guide your business decisions.

Commodity Platform

Your Go-To Digital Platform for Commodities

Navigating the volatile world of commodities? The #1 commodity platform is your guiding star. Whether you deal in dairycacao, or even packaging, this online tool offers a clear snapshot of the current commodities market. And it’s not just prices; it’s context, helping analyse patterns and anticipate trends. Dive into Vesper’s platform to start making informed decisions backed by data.

Commodity Overview

Access the Complex World of Commodities

Discover a hub of actionable commodity intelligence data tailored to your needs. From dairy and sugar to specialized categories like herbs and packaging, Vesper’s Overview Page is your one-stop resource for market insights. Whether a food manufacturer or distributor, find the data that matters to you. Dive deep into the world of commodities to find what you need for your industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are commodity markets and how does Vesper fit in?

Commodity markets are where raw or primary products are exchanged. Vesper serves as an intelligence platform offering real-time data on these markets, particularly valuable for industries like agriculture, FMCG, and energy.

Real-time data is crucial for making timely decisions. Vesper provides this vital service, covering commodities in 85 countries including the US, EU, and Brazil.

Vesper offers data on a wide range of commodities, from dairy and grains to energy resources, making it a versatile platform for different industries like food processing, dairy production, and logistics.

Vesper provides analyses on price drivers, which are factors influencing commodity prices. This is particularly beneficial for supply chain management and the energy sector.

Fluctuations in commodity prices can directly impact industries. Vesper’s real-time price indices and forecasts help industries like agriculture and retail adapt quickly to market changes.

Price forecasts are crucial for planning and strategy, benefiting sectors like food processing and pharmaceuticals, especially in high-demand markets like the US and EU.

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