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Reliability is at the core of Vesper’s offering. Sourced from over 150 trusted data providers and vetted by our expert analysts, our platform boasts over 4,000 unique series in prices alone. With additional data points across commodities, you can access a well-rounded, trustworthy set of data points for comprehensive insights into the market. 

In addition to 4000+ price series, we provide comprehensive data, including import and export, production, supply and demand, weather, seasonality, forecasts, market insights, futures, news and more

Our pricing model is designed to suit your requirements, whether you’re a single or multi-commodity user. Pay only for what you need, including access to downloadable data, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

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Rely on Vesper for accurate, in-depth data sourced from more than 150 trusted data providers. Our curated platform features an extensive 4,000+ price series across our own proprietary VPI prices for independent market-representative prices, Partner Prices increasing the breadth of pricing data across commodities and public quotations from agricultural organizations, regional commissions and more. Access a robust set of pricing data for a comprehensive market overview.




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“I like the user-friendliness and the ability to see all the relevant commodity market data and forecasts in a simple dashboard.”

Fonterra Huey van Vliet, Sales Manager


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It’s not just about knowing the commodity prices; it’s about understanding the market forces behind them. That’s why Vesper goes beyond the basics, offering insights into futures prices, supply and demand, production volumes, and even import/export data. Whether you’re a trader looking to hedge your bets, or a manufacturer keen on supply chain optimisation, Vesper offers the rich, actionable insights you can leverage to strategise effectively.

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Discover Vesper's Independent Commodity Index

Access independent market prices to inform your commodity trading strategy with our global commodity index. Sourced from trusted buyers, sellers, traders and brokers from around the globe, our VPI is an invaluable tool for understanding the market price across our in-depth commodities—dairy, vegetable oils, and sugar. Bringing transparency to the market, use our commodity index to increase your negotiation power.

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Your Go-To Digital Platform for Commodities

Navigating the volatile world of commodities? The #1 commodity platform is your guiding star. Whether you deal in dairycacao, or even packaging, this online tool offers a clear snapshot of the current commodities market. And it’s not just prices; it’s context, helping analyse patterns and anticipate trends. Dive into Vesper’s platform to start making informed decisions backed by data.

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Navigate Commodity Markets with Confidence

Elevate your business operations—whether in agriculture, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, retail, or wholesale—by leveraging Vesper’s comprehensive commodity intelligence. Benefit from real-time and historical data, forecasts, unbiased market analyses and more. Command fluctuating commodity markets with Vesper’s data-driven insights to maximise profits and minimise risks.

Commodity Overview

Access the Complex World of Commodities

Discover a hub of actionable commodity intelligence data tailored to your needs. From dairy and sugar to specialized categories like herbs and packaging, Vesper’s Overview Page is your one-stop resource for market insights. Whether a food manufacturer or distributor, find the data that matters to you. Dive deep into the world of commodities to find what you need for your industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is commodity data?

Commodity data refers to various types of information related to the trading, production, and consumption of commodities. This can include real-time and historical pricing, futures prices, shipping costs, currency exchange rates, as well as supply and demand metrics, among others. This data helps businesses, analysts, and traders make informed decisions in commodity markets.

In agriculture, it can help farmers decide which crops to plant based on demand forecasts. FMCG and Retail companies use it to optimise pricing and supply chain logistics. Pharmaceuticals may use it to anticipate the cost of raw materials.

Commodity data can be sourced from various platforms that specialise in market intelligence, financial news websites, government publications, and industry reports. It’s crucial to use a reputable source to ensure the data’s accuracy and timeliness.

Vesper provides a comprehensive array of data, including global commodity prices, commodity price index, price forecasts, futures prices, shipping prices, historical currency exchange rates, and much more. We cover a wide range of commodities—from dairy and oils to herbs and packaging.

Vesper provides data from 85 countries, covering a diverse geographical range that includes the EU, Brazil, the US, New Zealand, and China, among others.

Yes, Vesper allows you to change the currency to fit your needs, be it EUR, USD, GBP, or most other currencies instantly.

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