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Vesper is your one-stop online commodity intelligence platform, offering actionable data on a broad spectrum of commodities. Beyond just current and historical pricing, Vesper provides tools for dissecting price drivers and making future price forecasts. Utilise the platform to compare global commodity prices, futures, and shipping costs, or dive into supply and demand statistics, production volumes, and more. Enhance your trading strategies with our curated news, analyses, and commodity calculators. With Vesper, you’re not just tracking the commodities market; you’re mastering it.

Our pricing model is designed to suit your requirements, whether you’re a single or multi-commodity user. Pay only for what you need, including access to downloadable data, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Experience the Vesper Price Index (VPI), a unique pricing benchmark with proprietary data, along with simplified Futures, a personalized Dashboard, AI-driven Outlook, integrated Calculations, unbiased market analyses, and on-the-go access with our Vesper App.

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The Ultimate Commodity Intelligence Platform

Unlock the power of actionable data with Vesper, your comprehensive source for commodity intelligence. With over 1900 products across 20+ commodities, sourced from 150+ data points, you’re not just staying updated; you’re staying ahead. The platform empowers you to make data-driven decisions, offering insights from 85 countries, so you’re never limited by geography. Convert currency at will and align your strategies in EUR, USD, GBP, or any other you prefer.




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“We find ourselves turning to Vesper’s commodity platform every couple of days, as it serves as a one-stop shop, offering everything from price and shipping data to exclusive market updates and reports from both Vesper and third parties.”

Grupo Diana Jorge Rodriguez, Head of Oils and Fat


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Transform Data into Strategy with Vesper Price Index

Why settle for generic price indexes when you can experience the Vesper Price Index (VPI)? Our proprietary pricing benchmark aggregates a plethora of data into a single, reliable indicator. Combined with our AI-driven outlooks, VPI helps you identify trends before they become mainstream, offering you an invaluable edge.

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Commodity Prices

Leverage Real-Time Commodity Prices

Access up-to-the-minute commodity prices seamlessly through our expansive platform, which covers an array of over 20 essential commodities and more than 1,900 distinct products. Drawing from a rich pool of 150+ credible data sources, we furnish you with a robust set of 4,000+ price series, serving as critical benchmarks to guide your business decisions.

Commodity Markets

Navigating Commodity Markets Made Easy

Break new ground in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, automotive, and textiles with Vesper’s unparalleled commodity data. Turn real-time and historical market metrics into actionable insights. Employ razor-sharp forecasts and analyses to not just weather the storms of fluctuating commodity markets, but to chart a course for unprecedented success.

Commodity Overview

Unlock a World of Commodities

Step into Vesper’s Overview Page—your ultimate hub for commodity intelligence, spanning from dairy to niche categories like herbs. Whether you’re in the energy sector, agriculture, or manufacturing, dig deeper than ever before to make informed decisions that elevate your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Commodity Intelligence Platform?

A Commodity Intelligence Platform is an online resource that provides detailed and up-to-date information on various commodities. It is an essential tool for traders, analysts, and business owners who want to make informed decisions based on real-time and historical data, forecasts, and market trends.

Whether you’re in agriculture, energy, or manufacturing, understanding the commodity market is crucial for effective business strategy. A reliable platform offers actionable insights into price drivers, global trends, and market forecasts, helping you make data-driven decisions that can enhance profits and mitigate risks.

The Vesper Price Index (VPI) is a proprietary pricing benchmark that aggregates data from various reliable sources. It serves as an invaluable tool for understanding price trends in commodities and is exclusive to Vesper users.

Vesper offers a wealth of information ranging from global commodity prices, price comparisons, and forecasts to more specialized data like shipping prices, production volumes, and crop indicators. The platform gathers this data from over 150 reliable sources, making it one of the most comprehensive resources available.

Yes, Vesper offers an app for on-the-go access to all its features, from real-time price updates to AI-driven market outlooks. Stay ahead of the curve, even when you’re not at your desk.

Vesper is committed to providing unbiased market analyses by drawing from a broad range of data sources and using AI-driven tools to interpret the data. This ensures that the insights you receive are reliable and not influenced by any external interests.

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