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Author: Megan Hidden

US dairy market trends
Megan Hidden

Discover the latest US Dairy Market Trends in production, pricing, and international trade dynamics for 2024.

FMCG Procurement Managers (1)
Megan Hidden

Discover essential tips for FMCG Procurement Managers to maintain a vast and diverse supplier network in our latest guide.

El Niño vegetable oil
Megan Hidden

Our September outlook report mentioned that El Niño weather conditions would continue into 2024, potentially intensifying and concluding in spring....

impact of farming practices on the global dairy market
Megan Hidden

Dive into the impact of farming practices on the global dairy market in our in-depth interview with Philipp Goetz.

Megan Hidden

Discover the evolving trends in the dairy market for 2023 and gain insights into the dairy market outlook for 2024...

effective dairy price tracking
Megan Hidden

Stay ahead of the market and explore what three strategies are key for effective dairy price tracking in this article.

global sugar news: Vesper broadens its global sugar news coverage through a recent partnership with Sugar Industry International
Megan Hidden

Vesper Expands Global Sugar News Coverage in Partnership with Sugar Industry International.

Megan Hidden

In the dairy market, global milk production stands as the fundamental heartbeat, offering crucial insights into the supply side of...

Megan Hidden

Join us for a candid conversation with Jukka Likitalo, Secretary General at Eucolait, as we delve into the dynamic landscape...

Megan Hidden

Discover the top 10 trustworthy and free agricultural commodity market news sources from around the world to make well-informed decisions.

Megan Hidden

Vesper is excited to announce a partnership with the Daily Dairy Report, a trusted news platform that brings dairy industry...

Megan Hidden

In the volatile and competitive dairy industry, profitability hinges on making the right choices, at the right time. And with...

Megan Hidden

In the fast-paced world of commodity market trading, staying ahead of the curve is essential. The ability to access accurate...

Megan Hidden

The world of dairy has been anything but still, especially in New Zealand. With the ramp-up of their milk production...

Megan Hidden

Vesper is excited to announce a partnership with HSAT, a leading provider of cutting-edge satellite-based analytics and weather forecasting services....

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