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Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) Price Calculator

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Skimmed Milk Powder Price Calculator (SMP Calculator) Explained

Calculator at a Glance

The Skimmed Milk Powder Price Calculator, often abbreviated as the SMP Calculator, is an online utility designed to assist users in determining the price of skimmed milk powder. This tool is particularly useful for individuals and businesses involved in the dairy industry, as it allows for quick and accurate calculations.

Input Fields

The SMP Calculator collects essential input data through the following fields:

  1. SMC EXW (Skimmed Milk Concentrate Ex-Works): Users are required to input the current market price of Skimmed Milk Concentrate in Euros (€). This serves as a baseline reference for the calculation.

  2. Production Costs: Users must specify the production costs associated with the manufacturing or processing of skimmed milk powder. These costs are also provided in Euros (€).

  3. Bags: Users input the cost of packaging materials, particularly bags, in Euros (€).

Price Calculation Formula

The SMP Calculator employs a straightforward formula to calculate the price of skimmed milk powder:

SMP Price = (SMC EXW * 0.96) + Production Costs + Bags

In this formula:

  • SMC EXW represents the current market price of Skimmed Milk Concentrate.
  • Production Costs correspond to the expenses incurred during the production or processing of skimmed milk powder.
  • Bags represent the cost of packaging materials used for storing and transporting the powder.

The result obtained from this calculation represents the estimated price of skimmed milk powder.

Display of Results

Upon clicking the “Calculate Price” button, the SMP Calculator performs the calculation based on the user-provided values for SMC EXW, Production Costs, and Bags. The calculated SMP Price is displayed in Euros (€) with two decimal places in the “SMP Price” field.

Usage Limitations

To ensure fair usage and access to as many users as possible, certain limitations are implemented with the SMP Calculator:

  1. Usage Limit: Users are limited to a maximum of five calculations per day.

  2. Limit Notification: If a user surpasses the daily calculation limit, they will receive a notification informing them that they have reached the maximum allowed calculations for the day.

  3. Registration Prompt: To gain access to unlimited calculations and additional features, users are encouraged to register for a 14-day free trial on the Vesper platform.

In Conclusion

The SMP Calculator is a valuable tool for those involved in the dairy industry, providing them with the means to swiftly calculate the price of skimmed milk powder. It offers a user-friendly interface, transparent calculations, and prompts for further registration to unlock additional benefits on the Vesper platform. Users should keep in mind the daily usage limit when making calculations.

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