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Margin Over Feed Cost (MOFC) Calculator

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Breaking Down the Margin Over Feed Cost Calculator (MOFC Calculator)

Overview and Purpose

The Margin Over Feed Cost Calculator, commonly referred to as the MOFC Calculator, is an online tool designed to assist users in calculating the margin between milk revenue and feed cost. This calculator is especially valuable for dairy farmers and industry professionals as it helps them determine the financial health and profitability of dairy operations.

User Input

The MOFC Calculator collects user input through two essential variables:

  1. Milk Revenue: Users are required to input the total revenue generated from milk sales. This input should be provided in Euros (€).
  2. Feed Cost: Users must specify the total cost incurred for animal feed. The feed cost is also provided in Euros (€).

Calculation and Formula

The calculation of the Margin Over Feed Cost (MOFC) is based on a simple and critical formula:

MOFC = Milk Revenue – Feed Cost

In this formula:

  • Milk Revenue represents the income generated from selling milk.
  • Feed Cost corresponds to the expenses incurred in purchasing and providing animal feed.

The MOFC value provides insights into the profitability of dairy operations by revealing how much revenue remains after covering the essential cost of feed.

Results and Display

Upon clicking the “Calculate MOFC” button, the calculator performs the MOFC calculation using the provided values for Milk Revenue and Feed Cost. The result, which represents the Margin Over Feed Cost, is displayed in Euros (€) with two decimal places in the “MOFC” field.

Usage Limitations

To ensure fair usage of the calculator, certain limitations are implemented:

  1. Usage Limit: Users are restricted to a maximum of five calculations per day.

  2. Limit Notification: If a user exceeds the daily calculation limit, they will be informed that they have reached the maximum allowed calculations for the day.

  3. Registration Prompt: To access unlimited calculations, users are prompted to start a 14-day free trial by registering for an account on the Vesper platform.


The Margin Over Feed Cost Calculator is a valuable tool for dairy farmers and professionals seeking to assess the financial performance of their dairy operations. It provides a straightforward and immediate calculation of the margin between milk revenue and feed cost, offering insights into profitability. Users should be aware of the daily usage limit and consider registering for a free trial on the Vesper platform to access unlimited calculations and additional features for comprehensive financial analysis.

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