The market analysis reports are created by Shypple’s in-house specialists and include learnings and insights into the shipping sector. They are exclusively published on Vesper and are meant to give Vesper users a quick overview of the current developments that impact the shipping sector, like changes in shipping costs, shipping routes, dock time, and many more.

Shypple gives companies more control over their logistics chain. Through Shypple, companies can plan, book and monitor their shipments from A to Z. As a digital service provider they bring ease, accountability, and efficiency to the supply chain while lowering hassle, communication, and costs. As Vesper’s Head of Data Research and Analytics, Bas Zaalberg, puts it: “Shypple is an amazing young company which, with the help of their great solutions, streamline and simplify the logistics market. Their expert knowledge within freight will be a great addition to the coverage of Vesper.” With over 80 years of combined logistics expertise they are the go-to specialists for anything shipping-related.

Vesper looks forward to joining forces in our mission to remove uncertainty and barriers to trade! In this dynamic world, strategic partnerships are an essential ingredient to continue to add value for our users. As Hanna Steenstra, Growth Marketeer at Shypple puts it: “At Shypple, we firmly believe that collaboration benefits the world of trade. Shypple and Vesper are both innovative solutions in a turbulent world. Transparency, perspective, and insights are important for shippers and traders to keep their businesses afloat in an unpredictable market. Thrilled with this great partnership with Vesper.”

Besides market analyses, Vesper gives you insights into live forecasting, prices, analytics and market updates. Check out more solutions here.