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Your dashboard is a user-friendly hub of information, providing real-time data ranging from pricing and production to import & export, supply & demand, and stock levels.


Data updates
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Less time wasted
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Accurate forecasting by AI
and machine learning

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A clear overview of production volumes worldwide

Vesper provides production volumes for a range countries across the globe, even for countries without official sources. Set up notifications so you can stay in the loop once whenever new production data comes in.

Supply and Demand levels for every product, per country

Understand how markets shift with our Supply and Demand graphs. Quickly see which products go in and out of specific countries. Vesper also makes calculations so you can better understand stock levels per region.

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Your Gateway to Comprehensive Commodity Intelligence

Immediate Access: Real-time prices and historical data for Dairy, Oils & Fats, and Sugar.

Future-Proof Decisions: Utilise our proprietary benchmarks and forecasts.

Stay Updated: Curated commodity news, explained by Vesper’s experts.

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Access valuable Import and Export data

Trade statistics can be confusing and difficult to find. Vesper publishes import & export data for all countries around the world in an easy to use format. Choose a product and see the volumes and value of the trade between specific countries.

Agri-Commodity Prices for over 15+ commodity categories

Vesper publishes commodity prices from official sources, industry partners and our own propriety prices. Access over 4,000+ price series, across 16 commodity categories, allowing you to analyse real-time and historical price trends across various products, countries, regions, and commodity categories. Our tool ensures that you have the latest prices at the palm of your hand, available wherever you are.

Accessible from anywhere

With a seamless web-to-mobile experience, your personalised dashboards are accessible from the Vesper mobile app so you can make data-driven decisions from anywhere.

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