Farmers in Ukraine have finished their spring planting campaign, according to an official notice reported by AgriCensus.

On completion of the campaign, a 21% drop in planted fields was recorded compared to last year, according to the 17 June report, with some areas remaining under occupation by Russian forces or being close to regions where active fighting continued.

Ukraine had now finished planting on 13.4M ha, including 4.7M ha planted with sunflowerseed, 4.6M ha with corn, 1.2M ha with soyabean, 0.95M ha with spring barley, 191,100ha with spring wheat and 34,100 tonnes with spring rapeseed, the report said.

Meanwhile, total winter grain planting was complete on 7.6M ha, according to the official notice, including 6.5M ha planted with winter wheat, 1.4M ha with rapeseed and 969,000 tonnes with barley.

However, the total harvested area was expected to drop by at least 20% as that represented the share of the area within the currently occupied regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kherson, the report said.

This post was originally published on, written by OFI Oils and Fats International.