Market dynamics continue to shift, with some biodiesel segments showing resilience while others face weakening prices. For instance, RME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) prices have witnessed a slight uptick.

The Vesper Spot Outright Index FOB ARA for RME (2023-10-30) firmed to $1176 / mt from $1158 / mt on 2023-10-25. Some market participants have noted that the RME market’s relative liquidity has provided minor support to prices, even in the face of lower Low Sulfur Gasoil (LSGO) futures.

In contrast, the decreased energy demand has impacted the Used Cooking Oil (UCO) market, resulting in lower prices. U.S. UCO imports surged to 130,186 metric tons in August from 55,752 metric tons in July, mainly coming from China. The Vesper West E.U. Spot Price Index for UCO 5% FFA (2023-10-30) decreased to $965 / mt (EXW Netherlands) from $999 / mt on 2023-10-25.

The same goes for the UCOME (FOB ARA) price, which, according to the Vesper Spot Outright Index FOB ARA (2023-10-30) weakened to $1285 / mt from $1296 / mt on 2023-10-25.

In contrast, FAME 0 (FOB ARA) prices increased by 2.5% to $1078 / mt (2023-10-30) compared to the 2023-10-25 price level. 

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