The European Parliament has voted to reject amendments that would have put further restrictions on crop-based biofuels, Ethanol Producer magazine wrote.

With European crop-based biofuels already capped at a maximum of 7% of member states’ road and rail energy usage and subject to strict sustainability criteria, additional restrictions would have made it harder for member states to reach their decarbonisation objectives and would have led to increased imports of fossil fuel, according to the 14 September report.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) had voted widely to keep the existing cap in place, in line with the European Commission (EC)’s proposal, the report said.

“The European Parliament has wisely ignored an onslaught of misleading claims about the sustainability of European biofuels such as renewable ethanol, and instead supported a continuing role for this important renewable energy source in the decarbonisation of EU transport,” David Carpintero, director general of European renewable energy association ePURE, was quoted as saying.

“As final negotiations between the European Commission, Parliament and member states kick off, we will be working to ensure this role for sustainable biofuels is preserved. The only alternative is an unacceptable one: opening the door to more imported fossil fuel.”