Conaprole, Uruguay’s National Cooperative of Milk Producers, is a major player in the dairy industry in Latin America. Since its start in 1936, it has become Uruguay’s largest private company and works with over 1,800 producers. With a portfolio that includes milks, yoghurts, cheeses, and more, Conaprole extends its reach to over 60 countries, showcasing its commitment to quality, innovation, and the well-being of consumers worldwide. It plays a key role in the growth and future of Uruguay’s dairy sector globally.

Nicolás Soba holds the position of Export Commercial Intelligence Specialist at Conaprole, specialising in Commercial Intelligence for the international market. With three years of experience at the cooperative, he contributes to the success of the export division, a major part of Conaprole’s operations, accounting for 70% of its business. Nicolás’s expertise in data processing, market analysis, and business intelligence plays a crucial role in maintaining Conaprole’s strong competitive position in the Latin American dairy market.

 “Vesper has become my commercial intelligence team. It ensures that our decision-making is based on the most current and relevant data.”

Staying ahead of the market with timely information

Nicolás emphasizes the importance of quick and accurate information in navigating the complexities of the dairy export market. He relies on Vesper for timely updates, enabling rapid evaluation of market trends. According to Nicolás, “Vesper is a great tool for staying updated on news and data. It notifies users of new information, including pricing, production, and import/export data.”

The fast-paced nature of market fluctuations, combined with the breadth of data to analyze, can make Nicolás’ role challenging. However, he explains, “Vesper has become my commercial intelligence team. It ensures me that our decision-making is based on the most current and relevant data.” He further mentions that, besides timely updates, Vesper’s comprehensive database is great for enhanced analysis capabilities, facilitating the identification of market trends and shifts. He highlights, “Vesper allows you to quickly take a step further in analysing data from different regions, products, and sources. Their clear charts are great for easily seeing market evolutions.”

Moreover, Nicolás finds Vesper to be a valuable educational resource for his team, especially for newcomers learning about the dairy industry’s fundamentals. In Nicolás’s words, “Vesper not only aids me in staying ahead in a competitive field but also in fostering a well-informed team capable of strategic thinking and analysis.”

Fostering a collaborative environment 

Nicolás continues that Vesper download data feature in particular, fosters a collaborative environment. He states, “The download data feature allows us to customize our dataset by selecting the period, countries or regions, products, data interval, and other indicators of our choice.”

The primary data series downloaded by Nicolás includes information on Futures, Imports and Exports, and Milk Production from diverse countries and regions. “With this data, I can craft custom visuals to delve deeper into insights and refine my analysis,” Nicolás  adds. “Comparing this with our own data provides multiple perspectives, which I share within the company to shape more customized strategies.”

This process of downloading and customizing data is particularly important for the sales team, as Nicolás explains: “Sharing this information supports our sales team in gaining a better understanding of the market and their buyers, ultimately assisting them in negotiating better prices.”

All in all, the download data feature exemplifies Nicolás’ integral role in leveraging data for company-wide benefit and highlights how it helps Conaprole maintain its strategic advantage in the competitive dairy market.

“Vesper’s team is dedicated to making every interaction meaningful, building strong, supportive relationships with its clients.”

The value of human-centric support

Nicolás acknowledges that Vesper offers more than a data intelligence platform. He notes, “Vesper’s team is dedicated to making every interaction meaningful and building strong, supportive relationships with its clients.

This approach is vital in the fast-paced dairy industry, where companies like Conaprole encounter constant challenges that necessitate more than just robust data solutions; they need a responsive and empathetic partner. Nicolás adds, “We value the direct human support, especially knowing that Vesper is ready to receive feedback and act on it.”

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