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Cheese products we cover

Discover a comprehensive range of global cheese prices, AI-driven forecasts, market analyses, and futures. Explore our cheese commodity categories below.


Gouda is a ripened cheese with a firm, semi-hard texture, perfect for slicing. We offer competitive prices in the EU and LATAM regions.


Emmental cheese is a ripened Swiss cheese known for its hard texture. It is available in wheels and blocks weighing over 40 kg. Our pricing includes EU countries and Allgauer Emmentaler.


Cheddar is a ripened hard cheese with a smooth, waxy texture. Our prices cover EU countries, GDT, Cheddar Curd, and Cheddar Mild varieties.


Cagliata is a food-grade cheese made according to traditional Italian recipes, primarily used as an ingredient. Our prices are available in various EU countries.


Mozzarella is a smooth, elastic cheese with a unique fibrous protein structure. It is unripened and free of curd granules. Our prices cover EU, USA, and LATAM countries.

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan is an extra hard cheese made from partially skimmed unpasteurized cow's milk, perfect for grating. It is available for industrial processing or individual consumers.


Edam is a ripened cheese with a firm, semi-hard texture, suitable for slicing. Made from partially skimmed milk, it has a lower fat content compared to Gouda. Our prices cover various EU countries.

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