Vesper has extended their Vegetable Oil platform significantly by starting a new partnership with Aboissa, one of the greatest and most respected commodity brokers in Latin America. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Aboissa has a vast knowledge of the global production chain, with a broad view of business opportunities for each of their customers.

As part of this partnership, Aboissa will publish a weekly market analysis on the Vesper platform. The analyses are prepared and curated by a specialized and dedicated team from Aboissa. The content is centered around the commodities market, with a focus on edible oils, providing an indispensable resource to inform and update you on the latest market trends and to support your decision-making.

Aboissa will help our users get a more comprehensive overview of both markets. “Aboissa is a very respected player in the South American market. Their knowledge and expertise adds exactly to what Vesper represents and will help bring our platform to a higher level”, says Vesper’s Head of Data Research and Analytics Bas Zaalberg. “Our collaboration means a lot, we are looking forward to all it will bring now and in the future”.

The partnership in turn will give Aboissa a platform to share their knowledge and information with a wider audience. “Aboissa and Vesper’s collaboration means for us agility and power”, says Aboissa’s Executive Director Ariane Aboissa. “With Vesper, we interact more rapidly with the world and our content goes further. Aboissa supplies some of the most precious information in the market, some of which only we do have. This exchange is highly positive for both.”

We look forward to a long-standing partnership!