Vesper’s new partner BOABC (also known as CNagri), China’s leading agricultural & food business consulting firm with 20+ years of experience in the agricultural field will complement Vesper’s datasets by offering data on the production, stock and consumption of dairy and vegetable oil products.

It’s an important move for Vesper to expand with agricultural data from China, as China occupies a very important position in world agricultural trade. Worldwide, China is one of the biggest importers of milk. In 2021, China’s agriculture export was 84.35 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.9%; the import was 219.82 billion US dollars, an increase of 28.6%; the trade deficit was 135.47 billion US dollars, an increase of 42.9%.

The partnership with BAOBC specifically is not without good reason, as Vesper believes that BAOBC will contribute to their goal of creating a more independent, transparent and reliable dairy and vegetable oil market. “Every day we aim to bring the most credible and validated data to our users. The partnership with BOABC allows us to publish authorised Chinese supply and demand data for all the players in the dairy and vegetable oil trading business worldwide”, says Vesper’s Market Intelligence Analyst Yu-Ting Huang.

BAOBC is well connected with many reliable sources of data and information from official institutions, such as MOA Information Centre, China State Statistics Bureau, the agricultural departments of local governments, as well as non-government industrial associations and agricultural extension services. As Yu-Ting puts it “BOABC is a reputable agriculture consultancy in China with decades of experience. Together with BOABC, we aim to provide the most accurate Chinese data on our platform.”

Guixian Chang, Director of Consulting at BOABC, about the new partnership: “We hope that through cooperation with Vesper, we can share the trend of China’s agricultural and food market and gain higher recognition among more large international traders. Allowing them to understand the Chinese market and may further identify business opportunities. Vesper is a very efficient partner with excellent data models and expertise in presentation formats, and BOABC hopes to learn from leading technologies and experience in this regard.”

Going forward, the following data will be published on the Vesper platform:


Production, stock and consumption numbers for dairy products like raw milk, SMP, WMP.

*This data is published monthly and historical data is available for 2017 – 2023

Vegetable Oil

Stock and consumption data for soybean, soybean oil, soybean meal, and palm oil.

*This data is published monthly and historical data is available for 2018 – 2023.

Additionally annual production, stock and consumption data for sunflower seed, sunflower oil, sunflower meal and rapeseed oil & rapeseed meal will be available.