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Introducing our weekly Biofuels market analysis, curated by our in-house Oils & Fats analysts. This exclusive report combines market insights, and robust data, providing a comprehensive Biofuels industry overview.

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Gain access to the most recent market updates concerning the biodiesel sector through Vesper’s weekly Biodiesel Highlights. Our Highlights include the latest trends and pricing spanning across regions such as Europe, Indonesia, and China.

The Biofuel and Oleochemical prices included in the report are updated on a daily basis, and curated using input from industry buyers, sellers, and traders, ensuring an independent and accurate view of the market.

These prices cover a wide range of products, including FAME 0, FAME B10, FAME B20, FAME B30, FAME B50, FAME B100, HVO (Tallow), HVO (UCO), HVO (Vegetable), POME, RME, UCOME, PFAD, POME, and UCO 5%.

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