Global Dairy Market Unveiled

Presenting a concise overview of the Dairy industry’s market sentiment during the first half of 2023. This report also provides an insightful outlook for the second half of the year. Stay informed about the industry’s trends and make informed decisions for the future.

What to expect from the report

Besides reporting on past trends, this guide offers you an outlook into potential future price fluctuations, supply and demand trends, including the biggest fundamental supply side indicator of the market: the global milk production.

Here’s what happened in H1 2023 so far:

  • The global dairy market saw a buyer’s market trend.
  • Demand weakened as product availability increased leading to an average drop in dairy commodity prices of over 30% YOY
  • Buyers were cautious due to lower consumption of dairy-containing end-products, resulting in limited interest for immediate purchases.
  • However, producers were encouraged to boost production due to low production costs resulting from high farm-gate milk prices.

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