Vesper is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with SouthDairyTrade, a pioneering South American dairy price platform. This collaboration aims to improve the accessibility of dairy market information and enhance decision-making capabilities for stakeholders in the Latin American (LATAM) dairy industry.

SouthDairyTrade, as part of the esteemed Dairy Corp group, has earned a reputation for providing the most relevant and reliable market data in the South American dairy sector. The platform’s dedication to quality and credibility aligns perfectly with Vesper’s mission to empower agricultural businesses with actionable insights.

SouthDairyTrade will serve as Vesper’s data provider for the LATAM dairy markets. Their team of industry experts will leverage their extensive knowledge and proprietary data to compile comprehensive market analyses. These analyses will be published on a bi-weekly basis, ensuring that industry players can make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Vesper is excited about the possibilities this partnership brings. With SouthDairyTrade expertise and data at our disposal, Vesper will be able to offer unparalleled insights into the dairy market dynamics in Argentina and Uruguay. The collaboration will enable our clients to gain deeper insights into price references for dairy exports, facilitating better trading strategies and risk management.

Through this collaboration, Vesper reaffirms its commitment to driving positive transformations in the agricultural sector through data-driven decision-making. As a leading agricultural intelligence provider, Vesper continues to explore innovative partnerships and solutions that enrich our clients’ experience and contribute to the sustainable growth of the dairy industry.

Both Vesper and SouthDairyTrade are excited about the potential impact of this partnership on the LATAM dairy markets. The bi-weekly market analyses will act as a valuable resource for dairy farmers, processors, traders, and other stakeholders seeking to navigate the dynamic landscape of the South American dairy industry.

About Vesper:

Vesper is a global leader in agricultural data and intelligence, leveraging cutting-edge technology and analytics to provide actionable insights for the agricultural sector. With a focus on empowering businesses with data-driven solutions, Vesper is committed to driving positive change in the world of agriculture.

About SouthDairyTrade:

SouthDairyTrade is the first and only South American dairy price platform, providing reliable and transparent market data to dairy businesses in the region. As part of the Dairy Corp group, SouthDairyTrade seeks to democratise access to dairy market information, enhancing the decision-making capabilities of stakeholders in the dairy industry.

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