On 7 September 2022, we announced our expansion to the sugar market. Like our dairy and vegetable oil platform, we provide a user-friendly dashboard, including the Vesper Price Index, price forecasts powered by AI, and market analyses.

Our platform would not be complete without the help of our partners. To cover news on the global sugar market, we partnered with ChiniMandi. ChiniMandi has established a strong presence as India’s largest sugar news and informative portal, factoring in every stakeholder in the value chain, from farmers to manufacturers, and from traders to research analysts.

The collaboration with ChiniMandi will provide our users with daily local and global news, covering sugar price trends, government regulations, settlements, consumer trends, sugar production, import and export and more. To get an even more comprehensive overview of the world’s sugar market, we complement ChiniMandi’s articles with news aggregated from sources worldwide.

Why did we choose ChiniMandi as the primary news source compared to other news providers? “ChiniMandi has quickly become a pioneer in the sugar market since their launch in 2018,” says Stijn Savelkoul, Market Intelligence Analyst at Vesper. “I can only imagine what they have to offer in ten years. Located in India, the world’s largest sugar consumer and second-largest sugar producer, they are often in the midst of the story”.

Uppal Shah, Co-founder & CEO of ChiniMandi says, “We are delighted to collaborate with Vesper. Through this cooperation, we will be aggregating news and information about the sugar industry to more international professionals, allowing them to keep abreast of the industry. We wish all the best to Vesper for this beginning and hope its users have a satisfactory experience on global commodity markets.”