Vesper, in partnership with the American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI), is thrilled to unveil the 2022 annual report on Dairy Product Utilization & Production Trends. This publication delves into crucial industry data, highlighting dry dairy ingredients‘ utilization and production trends, encompassing production statistics, export volumes, and vital industry metrics.

Navigating the dynamic global dairy ingredient market, comprehending production and utilization shifts, and staying attuned to evolving export statistics are all pivotal in shaping a robust marketing strategy aimed at elevating the worldwide consumption of these nourishing and versatile products.

In collaboration with Vesper, ADPI has gathered market insights from its member organizations, shedding light on the multifaceted applications of milk-based and whey-based dairy ingredients. The comprehensive findings are presented in the 2022 report.

The 2022 report is exclusively accessible to ADPI members as part of their membership privileges. The report can be accessed by selecting the 2022 Production & Utilization Trends Report link under the For Members section at The report is available digitally for non-member organizations for purchase at under Resources & Services. 

Vesper and ADPI extend their gratitude to the organizations that contributed data and information, collectively shaping this distinctive compendium of trends in dry dairy ingredients.

About Vesper: Vesper ( is a leading commodity intelligence platform. It simplifies complex data into actionable insights, benefiting commodity buyers, sellers, and traders. With real-time information encompassing pricing, production, import/export, and more, Vesper empowers users to save time, enhance negotiation capabilities, and make informed decisions. Notable for its proprietary Vesper Price Index and AI-driven forecasts, Vesper has expanded beyond dairy, serving 2000+ users across diverse industries.

About ADPI:
The American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI), an international trade association, is the dairy industry’s go-to resource for dairy ingredient standards, training resources, and other goods and services provided for our member companies and for the global dairy industry. Visit our website today at for more information on industry and member benefits.