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Improve your negotiation and choose the best buying strategy with the Vesper Price Index, created and published exclusively by Vesper.


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An independent index you can rely on

The Vesper Price Index brings transparency to the market by gathering price inputs from a range of trusted industry players, including buyers, sellers, traders and brokers, and publishing prices that are representative of the market.

With its blend of transparency, accuracy, and unique market insights, the VPI serves as a powerful tool, providing you with market prices to strengthen your negotiation power.

A global view of commodity prices

Our global presence means we publish prices for Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America and Latin America. The Vesper Price Index is also provided for countries that don’t have an official source, bringing transparency to markets that are non-transparent. Our connections worldwide are expanding daily, so stay tuned for our latest updates!

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Your Gateway to Comprehensive Commodity Intelligence

Immediate Access: Real-time prices and historical data for Dairy, Oils & Fats, and Sugar.

Future-Proof Decisions: Utilise our proprietary benchmarks and forecasts.

Stay Updated: Curated commodity news, explained by Vesper’s experts.

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View how prices change over time

See how prices have changed compared to the previous week or month in the Vesper Price Index widget. If you want to check out how prices have evolved over a larger period, simply alter the time period for which you view the graph. Our Price Comparison widget additionally allows you to quickly compare the prices between multiple countries and products to make the best buying strategy.

Access prices on-the-go

With the Vesper mobile app, you can easily access the Vesper Price Index and use it to improve your negotiation strategy and make informed decisions, no matter where you are.

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