Alibra, a company established in Brazil in 2000, operates in the fourth-largest food-producing country globally and has been playing a significant role in providing ingredients to local and international food and beverage industries. In addition to its ingredients branch, Alibra supplies off-the-shelf solutions to retailers. Fabiano Copruchinski, Procurement Director at Alibra, uses Vesper to enhance profit margins on large dairy raw materials purchasing volumes. 

Fabiano has an impressive track record, having worked for renowned companies like Mondelez, Cargill, and Kerry. His primary focus in these positions was to streamline the procurement process. During his time at Alibra, he recognised the immense potential of Vesper in improving the company’s results. Despite facing economic challenges in the past two years, Fabiano credits the team’s perseverance and Vesper’s support for getting them through rougher times.

“Vesper’s historical, current, and future data on dairy raw materials has to get a complete view of the market”

He believes that obtaining timely and accurate data can be immensely helpful in strengthening your bargaining power and deciding when to make purchases. This, in turn, can make a significant impact on your bottom line. “Vesper’s historical, current, and future data on dairy raw materials has helped us to get a complete view of the market”, Fabiano explains, “To procure raw materials from various countries such as Argentina, New Zealand, and Europe, we require real-time data from around the world, including more technical data such as freight costs, production information, etc. Vesper can provide us with this information through user-friendly graphs and charts. These visuals aid us in obtaining insights and guidance to negotiate prices efficiently.”

Fabiano explains that Vesper’s Price Comparison widget plays a substantial role in enhancing their negotiation power: “It helps you easily compare prices from public sources within and across various countries.”

Vesper's Price Comparison Widget for Rennet Casein

Figure 1: Vesper’s Price comparison widget for Rennet Casein. Start comparing for free.

Acquiring information about some key dairy raw materials was a challenge for Fabiano before using Vesper, as only a few open-source websites publicly disclosed data and information on them, which was often incomplete. Vesper is a very complete and easy-to-handle and navigate platform. Besides weekly prices, I can select the monthly average and follow historical and future pricing curves.” By referring to these curves, Fabiano can determine the ideal purchase time. “Having noticed that prices were close to the lows, we could evaluate to extend coverage of those strategic raw materials.”

Start comparing commodity prices within and across countries with Vesper’s price comparison widget.