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Exciting news – Vesper has embarked on an expansive journey to cover all agri-commodity categories, and we’re thrilled to introduce ‘Seafood’. From clams to mussles, oysters to lobsters, and more, we’re bringing you pricing data from trusted industry partners and consolidating public sources into one view.

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Seafood products we cover

Discover a comprehensive range of global seafood prices. Explore our seafood products below.

Product overview:


Clams are known for their hard, protective shells and succulent inner meat. With their briny flavour and chewy texture, clams are a staple in seafood stews, pastas, and raw preparations.


Crab, distinguished by its robust shell and intricate limb structure is known for its sweet, succulent flesh, especially from the claws and body. Crab is a versatile meat perfect for salads, bisques, or simply steamed.


Lobsters, identified by their robust shells and large, meaty claws, are renowned for their rich, buttery flavour and succulent texture. They’re traditionally boiled or steamed, then paired with simple accompaniments to let their taste shine.


Oysters are characterised by their rough, calcified shells and soft, briny centres. Known for their distinct taste and mouthfeel, oysters are enjoyed raw on the half-shell, baked, or stewed. 

Sea Urchin

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Shrimp is recognised by its curved body and translucent hue. With a sweet, tender meat and rapid cooking time, shrimp is common in dishes from stir-fries to cocktails.

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