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Vesper’s commodity index offers proprietary data and unbiased benchmarks, empowering you to make well-informed decisions. This unique combination amplifies your negotiation leverage and ensures market transparency. Utilise our index for actionable insights, rooted in exclusive data you won’t find elsewhere.

Our pricing model is designed to suit your requirements, whether you’re a single or multi-commodity user. Pay only for what you need, including access to downloadable data, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Experience the Vesper Price Index (VPI), a unique pricing benchmark with proprietary data, along with simplified Futures, a personalized Dashboard, AI-driven Outlook, integrated Calculations, unbiased market analyses, and on-the-go access with our Vesper App.

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Navigate Market Complexity with Unbiased Commodity Benchmarks

Harness the power of Vesper’s commodity index, built on proprietary data and unbiased benchmarks. This cutting-edge tool levels the playing field, providing you with exclusive insights to bolster your negotiation capabilities. Benefit from unparalleled market transparency and make actionable decisions based on data you can trust.

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“By utilising Vesper’s Commodity Price Index, Oleofinos increases its negotiation power and lowers its purchasing costs.”

Oleofinos Ricardo Arellano, Risk Manager


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Beyond our invaluable commodity index, tap into an unceasing, organised stream of pricing information. Covering over 20 key commodities and 1,900 distinct products, seize the opportunity to make savvy buying, selling, or trading choices. Don’t just follow the market—master it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Commodity Index?

A commodity index is a financial benchmark that aggregates the price performance of a range of commodities. It provides a consolidated overview of market trends and serves as a standard for pricing contracts.

The primary purpose of a commodity index is to act as a pricing benchmark for various commodities. It helps businesses, traders, and industry professionals make informed decisions related to pricing and procurement.

A well-constructed commodity index offers a reliable benchmark for pricing commodities, although it’s important to note that commodities can be subject to volatility due to various external factors. Therefore, the index should be one component in a broader strategy for managing commodity risk.

Vesper’s commodity Pricing index is built on proprietary data and unbiased benchmarks, offering unparalleled market transparency and actionable insights to boost your negotiation power.

Our index is updated on a weekly basis, providing you with the most up-to-date information to make smart buying, selling, or trading decisions.

You can easily access our commodity index via Vesper’s online platform, which offers various subscription plans tailored to meet your specific needs.

Discover the index without commitment by creating a 14-day free trial.

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