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Exciting news – Vesper is embarking on an expansive journey into new agri-commodity categories, and we’re thrilled to introduce ‘Starches’. From potato to corn starch, rice to wheat starch, and more, we’re bringing you pricing data soon.

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Starches we cover

Product overview:

Potato Starch

Potato Starch is derived from the tubers of the potato plant. A neutral-tasting starch commonly used for its excellent thickening properties and clear gel formation. Potato starch is found in both culinary and industrial applications.

Sweet Potato Starch

Sweet potato starch is sourced from the tubers of the sweet potato plant. Sweet potato starch is known for its slightly sweet undertone and versatility, often employed in both culinary dishes and industrial products.

Corn Starch

Corn starch is extracted from the endosperm of corn kernels. Known for its fine texture and powerful thickening abilities, corn starch is frequently utilised in culinary applications, baking, and various industrial processes.

Wheat Starch

Wheat Starch is derived from the grains of the wheat plant. Known for its binding and textural properties, wheat starch is commonly used in baking, pasta production, and a variety of food and industrial applications.

Rice Starch

Rice Starch is extracted from rice grains, known for its hypoallergenic qualities and smooth consistency. Rice starch is often used for culinary uses, cosmetic formulations, and specific dietary needs.

Cassava Starch

Cassava Starch is sourced from the root of the cassava plant, known for its high purity and excellent thickening attributes. Cassava starch is commonly used in culinary dishes, baked goods, and diverse industrial applications.

Sorghum Starch

Sorghum Starch is extracted from sorghum grains, known for its gluten-free nature and adaptability. Sorghum starch is commonly used in alternative baking, traditional dishes, and various food and industrial applications.

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