In the current quiet market for dairy products and commodities, the sentiment seems to be changing slightly. Where supply has been outweighed by demand for months in a row, we are now seeing more stable and sometimes even bearish markets for dairy commodities. With a slight need for sellers to move volume in some markets as well.

Important to note is the lack of buyer’s interest at the moment, causing the prices to be under pressure for most commodities. This means that the sentiment is mostly caused by the uncertainty that has been creeping within the dairy market for several months now, combined with increased seller activity.

When and how the buyers return will decide if the markets return to the bullish sentiments they have shown during 2021 and early 2022. And there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the demand within the markets in the future. In the meantime, sellers are pointing at the lower milk production and are sure of a price increase, while buyers are currently seeming to wait out where the price shift will end.