We’re excited to announce yet another exciting collaboration that will significantly enhance the global coverage of our commodity intelligence platform. Vesper has partnered with Sugar Industry, a leading source for real-time and trustworthy global sugar news, to bring you even more comprehensive insights into the world of sugar, with a particular focus on European markets.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide our users with the most up-to-date and relevant information, this collaboration marks a significant step forward. Our Market Insights Analyst for Sugar, Gabrielle d’Arco, who has been utilising Sugar Industry for years in her analyses, expressed her enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “In the dynamic landscape of the sugar industry, obtaining specific and timely news within the European region is paramount. Sugar Industry stands out as a valuable resource, offering comprehensive coverage from agricultural developments to pricing information. There are not many sources that gather European news with such precision, making this collaboration a strategic move to enhance our market intelligence capabilities.”

Vesper users can now expect to access a broader range of global sugar news articles, analyses, and updates, ensuring they remain ahead of market trends and make well-informed decisions. As Philipp Bruhns Editor-in-Chief at Sugar Industry puts it “We are excited to partner with Vesper, allowing us to feature our news articles alongside Vesper’s intelligence. Our team of specialists rigorously cross-check each news article before publication to uphold the highest journalistic standards, aligning with Vesper’s commitment to excellence.”

As we continue to strengthen our network of collaborators, we look forward to further expanding our global reach and providing unmatched value to the commodity industry. We invite you to explore the latest updates and insights from Sugar Industry on Vesper and experience the enhanced depth of information now available on our platform.