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Acid Casein

Acid casein, a highly nutritious protein, is produced by coagulating skimmed and pasteurized milk through acidification. It has various food applications, including creamers, cream liqueurs, and processed or analogue cheeses. Our prices cover the USA, EU, and Oceania.


Conaprole D40 is partially demineralized cheese whey powder, produced through nanofiltration and vacuum evaporation. It finds applications in dairy products, bakery items, confectionery, and meat products. Our prices cover LATAM.

Dry Whey

Dry Whey is a versatile ingredient obtained by removing water from whey while maintaining its original composition. It is widely used in confectionery, bakery products, soups, sauces, beverages, and more. Our prices cover the USA.


Lactose, derived from whey, is extensively used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our prices cover the USA, EU, and GDT.

MPC85 (Milk Protein Concentrate 85)

MPC85 is a milk protein concentrate with 85% protein content, processed through ultrafiltration and spray drying. It is used in the food industry and confectionery products. Our prices cover the EU.

Rennet Casein

Rennet Casein is a milk protein obtained by adding rennet to skim milk. It is mainly used in processed cheese, imparting desirable melting properties. Our prices cover the USA, EU, and Oceania.

SWP Food (Sweet Whey Powder)

Sweet whey powder is a concentrated by-product of cheese production, used to enhance nutrition and texture in various food and dairy products. Our prices cover the EU, USA, LATAM, and Asia.

WPC 34 (Whey Protein Concentrate 34)

WPC 34 is a soluble powder with a milky flavour, made from fresh sweet cheese whey. It contains 34% protein and is used as a food additive. Our prices cover the USA.

WPC 35 Food (Whey Protein Concentrate 35)

WPC 35 is a high-quality whey protein concentrate, rich in milk protein and sugars. Our prices cover the EU.

Whey Permeate Food

Whey permeate, a coproduct of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate production, is low in proteins but rich in lactose and minerals. It is utilized in various food applications for functional and nutritional benefits. Our prices cover the EU and the USA.

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