Comprehensive pricing data for milk fats

Stay informed with up-to-date pricing and forecasts for a wide variety of milk fats with global coverage.

Milk fats products we cover

Discover a comprehensive range of global milk fat prices, AI-driven forecasts, market analyses, and futures. Explore our milk fat commodity categories below.

AMF (Anhydrous Milkfat)

Anhydrous milkfat is a pure fat product with a minimum 99.8% fat content and maximum 0.1% moisture. No additives are allowed. Our prices include various European and Asian countries, as well as the GDT.


Butter is a fatty product derived exclusively from milk, typically in a water-in-oil emulsion. We provide pricing information for the EU, USA, Asia, LATAM, and the GDT.


Cream is a fat-rich milk product, obtained by separating fat from skimmed milk. It is available as an emulsion of fat-in-skimmed milk. Our prices cover the EU.

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